History of Hockey game records and rules all information of ice hockey

History of Hockey game records and rules

History of Hockey

There are many types of hockey known in the world, especially in Canada. Regardless of form, hockey is a team sport in which two teams control a ball against each other or are caught trying to push it into an opponent’s goal. All players use a hockey stick during a game.

information of hockey game

Ancient times found that an early form of ball-and-stick game was played in Greece in the 5th century BC. There are records of people who took part in such sport almost 4000 years ago. It is believed that hockey became a very popular sport, after which it was played with a stick and ball since ancient times and till now this game is becoming very famous, initially the game played in China and England. Gaya when it became an Indian and national sport of India and hockey became a much loved sport। The earliest origins of hockey can be from China, Persia or Egypt. In addition, some museums today show evidence that hockey was played by the Aztec centuries before Columbus also discovered the New World.

The word Hokey is thought to have been derived from France which means “shepherd’s maid”, however, these items come from barrels containing hawk ale, also known as hawk. Nevertheless, the origin of “hockey” is not clear. this game has started to be played in many countries , to play this game a girl’s stick and a ball was required, the ball was hit at a certain place after the player put the ball in that net. popular after which this game became the national sport of India.

To be considered very old, ice hockey rules were made part of about 140 years ago, after which the rules started to be used more when the game was played. After this, hockey started being played under the new rules, which started implementing new rules. The first game of ice hockey played in Canada was at the Victoria Skating Rink in 1875, with new rules being implemented. Eventually, it was decided that the game would be held indoors for the first time, due to the belief that ice hockey was to be played only on the ponds.

In the game of hockey, there was a danger of injury to the player when played in the pond, after which it started to be played with a wooden stick and ball, gradually became recognized in the famous game. This gave players better control over a ball, and it reduced the chances of injuring spectators during a game. Women’s hockey was given a big name and started to be promoted and the game was given a better shape for everyone to like, the rules were increased and the game was promoted due to safety.

Ice hockey is the national sport of Canada. Compared to this game, more forms of sports were given recognition, after which this game started being promoted, their national game is completely appropriate. The game of North America used to be a national league. This game became popular in all countries at a higher level, the league played in North America is called the NHL, in Russia and most of Europe, the highest league was called the Continental Hockey League. is. League began to be played in North America, which was more and more recognized by the trend and more and more people started giving their time in the league in the form of Prediction.

Hockey became a very old sport played in Canada. Over the years league began to take place, after which the game was played under very good rules. The game was formed in the middle of 19th century by English soldiers in Canada. Today, the game is very popular in Eastern Europe and North America. In modern countries, after the introduction of the new league by the English Army, the game started to show its talent in the modern countries.

This game has been famous since time immemorial and hockey became the most liked sport of all the countries, the game was sometimes prediction to be played in the league, the country’s team will win the game in the last five hundred years in India.

Played widely in rural areas in and underdeveloped parts of the world, the equipment for the game was very simple. Softball was played more because the game was more prone to injury so it was played with soft ball. The game was started in the new rules. When the ball is pushed by the ball, the ball does not go away. And to avoid being sent to bushes and ponds, so the game started being played in regular places and artificial places. In the last few years, many rules have been changed so that the game is better and more and more people like the game.

The game was elevated according to English civilization to develop the game, after which the sport began to be liked in many countries. During the cold, harsh winters in Europe, it was not uncommon to see young athletes playing the version of the sport on ice. In the icy places, this game started to be liked very much, initially it was not easy to play this game in the icy places, but the game was changed according to the time, now this game is very much liked in the places like in the 17th century.

The game began to become popular in Holland and later also in England Started and slowly started catching up in all countries, after which the game became very famous.

The Olympic Games gradually began to take part in hockey in big countries, where all countries had their own teams and played hockey competitions. The first Olympic hockey competition for men was held in London in 1908, in which many countries participated. Many years later, in 1920, ice hockey resumed in Antwerp and a huge competition took place while playing hockey and much effort was made to get the team to enter the Olympics. Hockey was re-entered in 1928 and the program has continued since then. Women’s hockey was introduced for the first time in 1980 and not only this competition was also organized.

Rules of hockey

International Federation of Roller Skate Hockey was formed in 1924. The hockey game used to be played in the beginning but now this game has become very famous and the game is being played very well in many countries in the 20th. At the beginning of the century, another hockey game played for the first time in the city of Kent, England, came to be known as “Roller Skate Hockey”.

The game can be played on roller skates or rollerblades. The two teams each consist of six players, so it is similar to ice hockey. The minimum size of the playing area should be 65 x 35 feet at the minimum, while the maximum size is 100 x 200 feet. The position of the players is one goalkeeper, two forwards, center, and two defenders. All players wear matching jerseys, a face mask, shin strap hockey gloves, and helmets. The game was played with all security.

6 players played in the hockey game and all wore their own team jerseys and all did a lot of work for safety. The game has two duration of 20 minutes. One of the rules of the game is that the ball must be pushed only. The game starts with a lateral pass to the team that loses the toss. Similarly, the players try their best to score the goal and complete the goal. Looked like his team would win.

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