Cricket games: Ashok Dinda announces retirement from all forms of cricket best of cricket history

Retirement ashok dinda News:

one of the fastest bowlers in Indian domestic cricket for the past decade and a half, Ashok Dinda stepped on screen for his career on Tuesday. Fast bowler Ashok Dinda has been a very good performer playing for India, who was a participant in many opportunities games for India.

best of cricket career:

In his IPL career, he has also played in the Indian Premier League for teams like Kolkata Knight Riders and Pune Warriors. Ashok Dinda has played 13 ODIs and nine T20s for his 420 first class wicket keeping India with 12 and 17 wickets respectively. Has done very well for the team and now he is talking about retiring from the cricket game.

He said, ‘Today I am retiring from all formats of cricket. I have sent mail to the BCCI and GCA to this effect, they have taken a lot of wickets in many cricket games for the team and batsmen used to get upset due to their fast bowling.

Announced BCCI News:

Performing well for the team proved to be better for Dinda, Dinda said during a media chat at the Eden Gardens. He said, ‘Today I am retiring from all formats of cricket. I have sent mails to BCCI and GCA to this effect.

Remembering the best moments of his career, Ashok Dinda has decided to retire from cricket games and he has talked about retiring with a very good career.

Dinda was dismissed after playing with bowling coach Randev Bose. The 36-year-old was publicly accused of abusing Bose and causing rifts within the team. He has been held responsible for many such reasons, he has taken many wickets in his cricketing career and is known for his many performances.

He was presented with a silver plaque and bouquet and was welcomed by Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) President Avishek Dalmia and several cricket names.

“Dinda’s contribution is huge. Fast bowler Ashok Dinda has made a lot of records in his career and Dinda has made a big name in cricket career.

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