Indian Women's Hockey Team Hold World No.2 Argentina To 1-1 Draw

indian woman Hockey Team:

The Indian women’s hockey team beat World No. 2 Argentina 1–1, Rani Rampal scored a brilliant goal for India in the 35th minute, and from the other side, Emilia Fourcheiro scored a superb goal in the penalty stroke on Sunday Did, because match 1 ended. In this game, all the players completed the great game, Rani Rampal of the Indian team played a very good game.

India woman vs Argentina woman:

Indian women’s hockey team drew world number 2 Argentina 1-1, Rani Rampal is a very good hockey player and she scored a brilliant goal for the other team playing for her India look and gave a good start to her team.

The Indian women’s hockey team held Argentina 1–1, with Rani Rampal defeating India in the 35th minute. Formilio scored for the home team via a penalty stroke. The Indian women’s hockey team performed enthusiastically to bring World NoCaptain Rani Rampal scored for India in the 35th minute. Argentina finished with a 1–1 draw and their own tour of the country, while Emilia Fourcheiro scored for the home team through a penalty stroke on Sunday. With this, the tour ended and the match was drawn 1-1.

Hockey Game:

This was India’s fourth scheduled match due to continuous rain after the third match played on Saturday. On the first tour, India drew 2–2, 1–1 against the Argentina junior team, and Argentina lost 1-2, 2–3 to the 1-2 B team. The game was pushed forward due to rain and during this time the game took place in which a decisive game took place Jha Ajantina lost to the 1-2B team

Against Argentina’s senior team, India lost the first and second matches by 2-3 and 0-2 games respectively. With this, this tour also ended.

The Indians played their best match against Argentina in their last match of the tour with the intention of winning. The captain of the Indian team played the game with all his life.

The India defender players played for defense which worked for Argentina as they earned two penalty corners within three minutes of the first quarter. Which helped the team score goals and the Argentina team fell on the Indian team. But India’s goalkeeper Savita scored a brilliant goal and dismissed the hosts. India got a good chance to score in the 11th minute when they were awarded a penalty corner, but could not make it.

Captain Rani Rampal indian team:

Three minutes into the second quarter, Rani had another opportunity to score a goal when he was assisted by veteran Vandana Kataria but the superb Argentina defense made a strong catch, covering every circle to score.

In the next minute Argentina won two penalty corners in the 23rd and 24th minutes but Savita stood like a rock in front of goal. When India started the offensive in the third quarter, the captain was looking for the right chance and the captain got that opportunity only then Rani finally got the right chance to score and he scored a brilliant goal for his team.

Indian womens vs Argentina womenes Hockey Game:

It was Vandana again who dazzled Rani in front of goal and fed her the ball with the right flank. Rani made no mistake in getting a pass and swiftly put the ball into the hands of the Argentine goalkeeper and gave India a 1-0 lead in the 35th minute.

India had two good opportunities to extend the lead in the 39th and 50th minutes of the game, but wasted both opportunities. On the other hand, Argentina pushed for a goal and a body foul, defending a penalty corner in the 55th minute as India saw a penalty stroke. From the resulting set piece, Fourcheiro was on target to pull Argentina level.

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