League Games: Liverpool stunned by Brighton as Manchester City move three points clear: Liverpool stunned by Brighton as Manchester City

Liverpool stunned by Brighton as Manchester City move three points clear:

Brighton led Enfield to a 1–0 win, and Manchester City topped it with three points on Wednesday with a 2–0 win against Burnley. A strong team has been formed by being on the forward Manchester .

The victory was secured only in the 56th minute with Dan Burn leading a cross towards Alzette and the Columbia midfielder flicked his shot inside the far post. And a better match result was revealed.

Steven Alget’s second strike brought Brighton to memorable success at the expense of the injured champion. And with a better form of success, Jurgen Klopp’s side paid the price for a big performance against which a great match was played.

There are a lot of ups and downs due to a collision in the game like Liverpool slowly slipping into fourth place and beating Manchester City by seven points.

In-form City on Sunday, the team will visit Anfield for a very important clash which will be fully tested by the Reds’ disappointing defeat giving them a good fight as the team desperately needed three points and brought it forward in the tournament game .

The best players Klopp’s men returned to the track after the victory of the last great team. Due to which the team has reached a very strong position now.

Liverpool 2012

Liverpool have lost their home league games in a row since 2012 after which the team will have to make a comeback strong for the game and have not won a top flight match at Anfield in four attempts. But to get back in the game, the team players will have to perform very well in the game.

Burnley had not lost a home league game since 2017 before winning at Anfield on 21 January. As a result of which the team won a new match in their home but the team showed its full performance.

Team score:

Pep Guardiola’s side achieved great success on Tuesday with a score at Manchester United draw level, beating their opponent Southampton 9–0, after which the team reached the summit to win the best.
City lead in Liverpool performance on a club record of 13 consecutive wins in 9 teams in the league. And they will remain in the game from play and win their team in the tournament game.

Reaching the top of the city is even more remarkable, because the team is so strong that it is very difficult to beat the team in this game, all the team is putting all their strength in defeating the city.

The team did not see much impact in the matches as soon as the team gets a good start to the game, it will start to become strong again. In the last match 2019, they are unbeaten in 20 matches in all the competitions which run from November to November.

Leicester improved their illustrious league record by beating Fulham 2–0. And with a resounding win, Leicester strengthened the team to defeat Fulham in the game and have worked very hard in the game, with Leicester now having eight wins out of 11. And it’s a great win that is very good to keep the game going.

Jesse Lingard extended the team further into the game with a fine 3–1 win over West Ham debut at Aston Villa. The team will be well led with encouragement to win the team in such a way that in the game, the team gets the opportunity to win well and also win the tournament.

The team will have to make a good situation, so that the team will have to present their skills to all the players in this game, which will win the team.

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