Monaco Dent Paris Saint-Germain Title Hopes As Lille Reclaim Football Game News

Monaco Dent Paris Saint-Germain:

Paris Saint-Germain suffered a 2–0 defeat in the form of a Champions League hangover, as they lost their hopes of the Ligue 1 top title following Sunday’s loss to Kian Maleppé against old side Monaco. Sophia Diop and Guillermo Maripan scored to give Monaco the points as they scored their unbeaten 11 and went within double digits of their opponents, who sit in third place.PSG found themselves one point behind Leon and four behind Lily, who moved up to first place with a 4–1 win over Lorient. Team Monaco are set to return to the Champions League, with the team performing well in the Champions League. I have formed to do but the team is in contention to return the team.

PSG missed a pick:

PSG missed a pick and it bodes well for them, the night was disappointing for PSG, they took part in midweek when they destroyed Barcelona in the first leg of their Champions League Final-16, which saw MBP beat 4-. Won 1 MBP struggled hard for a resounding victory and the team worked hard to win 4–1.

May not repeat his performance from one evening to the next. This kind of team has also done very well.

Now there is a real chance that PSG will miss the title of Ligue 1 for the first time as Mbappé’s Monaco piled them in 2017.

Nearly five years after scoring his first Ligue 1 goal as a 17-year-old for the princely side, Mbappe was kept calm by the Monaco defense while Neymar continued to recover from injuries.


Monaco had already beaten the Parisians at home in November and they were exposed here in the sixth minute, when Reuben Aguilar knocked down Kevin Woland to cross for a dope.

The home team failed to hit the target in the first half and lacked motivation after the break as Monaco doubled their lead in the 51st minute.

Chilean defender Maripan scattered Ander Harera inside the box and in 2021 had already calmed in the corner for his fifth goal.

Mbappe had scored seven times in the last seven matches against his old club since joining PSG in 2017, but could not add to that rhythm as Monaco PSC since Nancy in 2011–2013 in a single season Becomes the first team to beat twice.

He is the third team to defeat PSG at the Paras des Princes in Lisa 1 this season. Which has become a very strong team.

Monaco coach Nico Novak said, “We said we should remove Kian Mbappé because he is a great striker, keep the ball away from his side, and I think we showed our team another chance.” , As he narrowed his club’s chances of finishing in the top three and returning to the Champions League.

Won seven straight:

Earlier, Jonathan Econ’s best free-kick allowed Lily to win at Lorient.

Leon went to the pinnacle on goal difference with a 3–2 win at Brest on Friday, but Lyell responded that he won seven straight clubs in the top flight, with Jose Fonte and Domagoz Braderich also Andrea Gravillon. Only after it was intimidated did the goal put them ahead in Brittany.

Gravillon defended Jonathan David’s shot in his own net midway through the first half, only to equalize Jerome Hargatt.

Veteran center-back Fonte restored Lillee’s advantage in the 38th minute and the French international icon curled in a free-kick just before the hour mark.

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